Protect Your Surfaces in Style

Preserve your tabletops with grace and sophistication. Our stylish coasters offer not only protection but also an added touch of elegance to your décor, ensuring your surfaces remain pristine in the most stylish manner possible.

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Coasters – Your Table’s Best Friend

The reliable ally of your table, standing guard against the perils of condensation and spills while preserving its pristine appearance. With each drink, they prove to be indispensable protectors and stylish additions to your tabletop

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Coasters That Make a Statement

Make a bold statement with our coasters. Elevate your table setting with designs that command attention and add flair to every drink.

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Coasters That Go the Extra Sip

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Coasters That Stand Out

Step into Lopame store, where every sip meets both elegance and safeguarding. Explore our meticulously curated selection crafted to enhance your drinking moments.

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Safeguard your surfaces


Enhance your décor


High-quality materials


Fits various drinkware

Sip in Style with Our Coasters

Indulge in stylish sips with our coaster collection. Elevate your drinking experience while adding a touch of elegance to your table setting. Choose from our exquisite designs to sip in style.

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